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Let us help make your birthday celebrations more festive. With the purchase of any dessert, we will bring out a sombrero and join in on the fun singing to you or your guests. We will take a pic and post it on our social media (with your permission)

Cinco de Mayo

[Joke alert]: Do you know the true origin of how the Cinco de Mayo celebrations started?  Way back when the Spanairds were traveling and exploring Earth, they brought some of their favorite wares to present as gifts to any new people they encountered.  The Mexican people fell in love with a condiment that was new to them – Mayonnaise.  Upon learning on how much the Mexican people loved mayonnaise, the King of Spain sent an entire ship of mayonnaise to the King of Mexico .  As the ship was approaching the Mexican shore, a giant rogue wave hit the ship and sunk it.  This became known as the SINKO de Mayo!  Later renamed as Cinco de Mayo!

Ok, so we were just pulling your leg but we do love the Cinco de Mayo Celebrations! This is our busiest day of the year. We have different food and cantina specials on that date. We have drawings for FREE prizes including our much coveted “Cinco de Mayo” T-shirts.

Coming soon - El Gigante Challenge Competition

Stay tuned for details…

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